The Make a Wish Foundation is Nationally known for granting wishes since 1980 when they granted a wish for a child who wanted to be a police officer.

They were the main reason I would end up researching and finding the Starlight Foundation and finally deciding to worth with Starlight rather than Make A Wish.

I love the idea that children who are going through a life threatening illness in the case of Make a Wish or chronic, serious as well as terminal diseases with the Starlight Foundation, can be offered a miracle they would otherwise not be exposed to.

The difference between those who have hope and laughter in their lives and those who have no hope and give in to despair reveals a drastic difference in the cure ratio as revealed by thousands of programs.

When children have something to look forward to, they have hope. That hope leads to the possibility of believing they will be healed. And of course when they have hope, the chances are much greater they will actually be healed.

The wish is much like the adventure that Master Pineapple and his friends experienced.

Look up the foundations and see what you can do to offer hope to a child who is going through a difficult time.