I wanted to share part of the story of Master Pineapple, Miss Plum, Miss Peach, Master Pear, Master Melon, Miss Mango and Master Pomegranate who all have cancer.


The Adventures of 

Master Pineapple 

and his Friends

Mr. Roughy scanned the beach in front of his impressive home through the spy glass he had mounted on the roof. He gasped as he spied intruders on his beach and yelled to his assistant Mr. Toughy to go and fetch these invaders.

But by the time Mr. Toughy got to the beach they had all scattered except Miss Peach and Miss Plum. Mr. Toughy tied the two young sobbing invaders together and forced them into his Trapmobile’s back seat. With a cough and sputter, Mr. Toughy turned the Trapmobile around and headed back towards the big yellow mansion.

The Trapmobile came to an abrupt halt, dust billowing all around and stopped right in front of Mr. Roughy.”Here are your intruders! I have caught them for you Mr. Roughy.” Mr. Toughy was panting from his excitement.Mr. Roughy was thinking hard. How should he punish these intruders, he pondered. He had posted many signs and yet, they took the risk. The must pay a price for their crim

He spied the long red braids that Miss Peach was nervously twisting about.”Cut off her braids Mr. Toughy!” he barked.”Yes Sir! It is my pleasure Sir!” Mr. Toughy reached deep into the pocket of his complicated overcoat and produced a large pair of purple scissors.

 He yanked one braid away from Miss Peach’s trembling hand to cut it off near her ear. But all of her hair fell off in Mr. Toughy’s hand. He fell back startled.”What’s the meaning of this?” Mr. Roughy roared.”What should such a young girl wear hair that is false?”


“I have cancer Sir.” Miss Peach whispered through choking sobs.”How could a child have cancer?” he uttered in disbelief.


“We all have cancer sir.” Miss Plum offered. “We had never been to a beach before. We stole away from our rooms and came to this beach to see what sand would feel like on our bare feet.”


Mr. Roughy swallowed hard and fell with a thud onto the wooden bench behind him. He looked sadder than Mr. Toughy had ever seen in their long years together. More sad than when Mr. Roughy had lost his own little boy and wife.

“Boss what should I do?”

“Give me a moment.” It was a mere whisper from Mr. Toughy.

Miss Peach and Miss Plum huddled together not knowing what to expect.