When you were a child, what did you dream about? Did you dream of the life you currently are living?

I remember dreaming about living anywhere other than where I grew up in a small town. Isn’t it funny how often adults dream of living a lifestyle completely opposite from their parents.

I thought I would get married, have several children and live much like Donna Reed.  I couldn’t have been further off in what I speculated.

Childhood dreams are meant to be fostered. I believe it’s the amount of dreams a child has an effect on their life as an adult.

Children who aren’t encouraged to dream are often satisfied to live their lives without much interesting ever happening. Those who are encouraged to dream often develop their imagination to the point of becoming business owners or creating a new concept that might end up developing a large company that will employ many people and create a viable means of supporting their community.

Small dreams are meant to lead to larger dreams and larger dreams lead to invention of new ways and new methods of generating a better community.