Story Boards

The artist told me I had to design a story board. I had never done one before and it was harder than I thought. The idea of a story board is to explain the content of the story so the artist will know how to design the illustrations.

Master Pineapple Illustration

12. [Mr Roughy, returning with the shinning glasses of blue juice, Miss Peach and Miss Plum looking excited]

Mr. Roughy returned shortly with two clear tall shining glasses of the sweetest blue juice in the world. The glasses sparkled from the cold drops of moisture that had formed on the outside of the glasses.

It was hard to know how much text to include before adding the next illustration. The target audience is obviously children and the more pictures there are, the better it is for them.

I wanted to have as many illustrations as possible, but with the constant delays of getting the illustrations complete I began to reduce the amount of illustrations and increase the amount of text between each of the illustrations.