Coloring Illustrations

We finally came to a mutual understanding. But it still took another month to be able to finally see the results.

It was time for the artist to begin to add the coloring to the illustrations. But wouldn’t you know, it took another month before I got to see the first illustrations completed.

Master Pineapple Illustration


So it went from the pen sketch of black and white to . . .



Master Pineapple Color Illustration


This is the four color illustration that is a final copy. The artist provided it in a .jpg file so I can easily insert it into the story.

The work is very slow and it is difficult trying to convey the concepts I have seen in a dream especially with the barriers determined by our time zones and cultural exposure.

I have often been told by an author how surprised they are when they discover how much work there is in getting their book produced. They truly thought their job was done when they finished writing the book.

A children’s book with illustrations is even more complicated than a straight text book which I would normally produce.