Starlight Foundation

Emma Samms is the founder of the Starlight Foundation“Starlight’s programs ease the burden on seriously ill children and their families and help them to better deal with, understand and manage their illnesses,” said Noel Wallace, President, North America, Colgate-Palmolive. “We hope that our continued, collaborative effort will further promote Starlight’s great work and improve the well being of seriously ill children and their families.”

In an interview, Emma Samms revealed:

“Where did Starlight have its origins?
“It really started because when I was a child I had a brother Jamie who died of a disease called aplastic anaemia. As you can imagine my parents were distraught and there was nothing I could do other than make them a cup of tea. I grew up with that immense sadness but also the frustration of not being able to do anything. So when I found myself in a career that I’ve been very lucky with, it gives you the most extraordinary ability to approach people. It’s a platform to get things done and I just thought use it for something very close to my heart. And in a strange way it’s been very therapeutic to me because now I feel if I couldn’t help my family, at least I’m helping other families who are going through something that I’m all too familiar with.”

If you have the time or money to help support Emma’s foundation, please look at the Starlight Foundation to find how you can help. They are an International organization and look for all types of volunteer support as well.