Have you ever heard someone tell their children to stop day dreaming? I’ve heard of parents telling their children to stop their art, music or other “frivolous” studies. They insist they should become a lawyer, a doctor, a CPA or anything other than what they are passionate about.

They have drilled it into their children’s heads they can never make a living at doing something they are passionate about. How is it people actually believe life is supposed to be that difficult.

When children are encouraged to use their imagination, they learn excellent problem solving techniques. It is one of the main skills that will help them throughout their adult lives.

Most inventions are created because of someone’s imagination. Most of the growth in the economy over the past twelve years in the San Francisco Bay Area has been from the innovations created from the imagination of all the Internet Based companies.

Children should be encouraged to use those gift boxes as toys, draw with crayons, make games with nothing but what they can find  outside and to have imaginary friends.

Then when it comes time to face reality and spend the rest of their lives working to survive in their adult lives, they have the experience to get them through difficult times.