In 1993 I was working with the city of Walnut Creek on a panel for education. I was shocked to find out Posco in Pittsburg, Ca had to establish an adult education department to bring applicants up to high school reading levels, just so they could work there.

But Martinez, CA had a great reputation for their level of education and the parental involvement in the school was beyond the normal for the Bay Area.

One of the teachers had her third grade class draw pictures of their families and each and every child drew rainbows around each of their family members. The teacher asked the children why their was a rainbow around everyone and they said they saw, pretty colors around everyone.

When the kids took the pictures home, most of their parents questioned the rainbows and told the children it was silly to think that people rainbows around them.

Some months later when their teacher told them to draw another picture of their families, not one child drew rainbows around their family members.

The children saw the auras because no one told them they couldn’t. but once they were told they couldn’t see them, they trusted what their loving parents had told them.

Even when you love your children, what “truths” are you telling them that change their picture of reality?