Celebrating Wins

I remember many occurrences in my youth when I had accomplished something I believed was quite marvelous. I would rush home to proudly tell my mother and she would bee too busy to stop and acknowledge my amazing feat!

Even in high school when I was given the lead in the Christmas play, initiated a new business organization, became editor of the school newspaper, was the first girl allowed (or wanted to be) in mechanical drawing, became a cheerleader, was elected as Vice President of student council, became homecoming queen and my biggest accomplishment: winning first place soloist of all northern California playing a base clarinet; did either of my parents celebrate my achievements.

The bad news is obvious. I took my pleasure from acknowledgement from those outside of the family. The good news (some would argue with this point of view) was I became an over achiever the rest of my life.

Take the time to celebrate even the smallest victories of your children. Let them know you have the time to embrace the things they are excited about in the moment.

All children are born perfect! It is what happens to them from the moment they are born that cultivates who they will become as an adult!