I love watching children when they are being creative. Their make believe stories; their pretend conversations; and that they can be every character in their own made up story. It is why we have an imagination. To use it!

It is the very same imaginative skills that will cultivate inventions and cures of maladies when they are adults. It is the voice from within them that creates movies like Avatar or artists like Walt Disney.

So why do you suppose parents would choose to discourage their children from being creative adults?

I met a man who was in his late 50’s who owned a key store for more than twenty years. Before that he had been an employee at a local food store. He was taking pictures and was the self proclaimed photographer for his local Rotary Club.

I asked him if he ever sold his pictures and he told me it was impossible. When he told me how much he loved taking pictures I asked him why he didn’t pursue photography as a career. He told me that “no one ever made a decent living at photography!”

My answer was “I’m glad no one told Ansel Adams that!”