When I was growing up we lived on two-and-a-half acres in Northern California the middle of 80 acres of state forestry property. It provided a wonderland of adventures for children.

We could go in nearly any direction and uncover another new miracle of discoveries. Our favorite would be when we went deep into the forest and gathered leaf mulch for theĀ vegetableĀ garden. We had a red Flyer wagon and we’d fill it up as much as we could and probably spill half of the contents by the time we got back home.

In the depths of the forest, the sun rarely came out because the trees were so tall, the sun couldn’t shine through. The leaves from the Redwood tress along with the moisture from the rain would create rich soil mulch.

We would discover trees with huge burls and hollows. We made forts, and play hide and seek for hours upon hours. It was a great escape from our regular chores which never seemed to end as a child.

The forest gave me a chance to develop my imagination and have never ending adventures.